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Zinc Edta Manufacturer Gujarat

is used as a fertilizer to overcome Zinc deficiency in plants, as well as a source of Zinc for those plants which require Zinc for their normal growth and higher yields.

Formula : C10H12ZnN2Na2O8 Molar mass : 353.592 g/mol
Melting point :  °C IUPAC ID : Edetate zinc
Density :  g/cm³ Soluble in : Water

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethylenediaminetetraacetic_acid

1) Medical Applications
– Nutritional supplements
– Heavy-metal detoxification
– Pharmaceuticals
2) Industrial Applications
– Catalysis
– Water softening
– Fertilizers

Technical Name Zinc EDTA
Appearance White Powder
Molecular Weight 399.8 g/mol
Assay 98.0% min
Zn Content 12.35% min
PH 6-7
Water Insoluble 0.01% min
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