Copper EDTA

Copper EDTA Manufacturer Gujarat

is a stable water soluble metal chelate, mainly used in agriculture and horticulture as a micronutrient, to prevent and correct copper deficiencies.
EDTA Copper provides healthy growth to plant and maximizes crop yield.

Formula : C10H14CuN2O8 Molar mass :  351.75 g/mol
Melting point : °C IUPAC ID : Copper Disodium EDTA
Density : g/cm³ Soluble in : Water

Source :

1) Medical Applications
– Nutritional supplements
– Heavy-metal detoxification
– Pharmaceuticals
2) Industrial Applications
– Catalysis
– Water softening
– Fertilizers

Technical Name EDTA Copper
Appearance Powder
Color Light Blue
Molecular Weight 397.7
Assay 98%
PH 4-5
Minimum Metal Content 12%
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