Calcium EDTA

Calcium EDTA Manufacturer Gujarat , also known as Edetate Calcium Disodium among other names, is a medication primarily used to treat lead poisoning. This includes short term and long term lead poisoning. For lead encephalopathy it is typically used together with dimercaprol. It is given by slow injection into a vein or into a muscle.

Formula : C10H12CaN2Na2O8 Molar mass : 374.27 g/mol
Melting point :  °C IUPAC ID : Sodium Calcium Edetate
Density :  g/cm³ Soluble in : Water

Source :

1) Medical Applications
– Nutritional supplements
– Heavy-metal detoxification
– Pharmaceuticals
2) Industrial Applications
– Catalysis
– Water softening
– Fertilizers

Technical Name Calcium EDTA
Appearance White Powder
Color White
Molecular Weight 374.27
Assay 98%
PH 5-6
Minium Metal Content 10%
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